Bitcoin brew


Like its named counterpart Bitcoin brew is the old world coffee that you find yourself returning to time after time.  You will not be able to get enough of its dark after tones, no matter what other coffee you stray to “just to try.” You will work your way back to this brew, begging for more. It is an enticing Mandheling blend that is given fortification by its smooth and rich flavors that are aided by low acidity and boasting one of the most full-bodied coffee’s you can experience.

Pair with:  If you’re looking for an excellent breakfast coffee this is it!  From scrumptious syrup covered pancakes to a decadent light and fluffy omelet stuffed with mushrooms and basil this coffee is a match made in heaven.

If breakfast food isn’t really your thing, it also is one of the better coffee’s paired with milk chocolate.  A mid day snack can be aided with this pick-me-up for afternoon blues, when you really wish you weren’t at work dealing with your colleagues.

Now that’s not to say you can’t enjoy an early morning cup o’ joe all on it’s own as you wait for your house to wake up around you.

14 Ounces


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Ground, Whole Bean


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